Sanguinis Sigillum

by Achral Necrosis

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The long awaited debut full length album


released March 20, 2014

Summoned (music) and scribed (lyrics) by Lord Azmodae.
Azmodae music, bmi 2014

Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Drum programming, samples/synth- Azmodae

Track 8 Keys/synth- Lord Dahthar

Produced by Azmodae

Art by: Seth A Chaos Graphics (Ahrin Von Past)
Band logo: D. Csicsely

(c) 2014 Achral Necrosis under Luciferian Moon Records



all rights reserved


Achral Necrosis La Veta, Colorado

Death of the Flesh- Birth of the Daimon..

Founded by Azmodae Czernobog anno MMV.

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Track Name: Exiled
descend into the eye
the epicenter of the terror
tearing all life away
into this hellish fucking maelstrom,
created to devour

and the skies scream forth blasphemy
exiled, cast out eternally
forever bound to this hellish realm
now there is nothing left but revenge?

wage this infernal war for the human soul
for the lord of darkness to remain enthroned
remain on the throne

extract the souls of every last human being
refuse to desist until the deed is done
there is no reality outside this hell
an apocalyptic nightmare of biblical proportions

isolated between worlds
and the skies scream forth blasphemy
I am the exile- eternally...

i am the absolute impurity
shredding away humanity
we are the cancer of reality
of the revelation: a dead prophecy

casted downward eternally
......for centuries
Track Name: Aeon of Horus
Everything destroyed withing the blink of an eye
relentless is this devouring darkness...

in this fucking chaos, dispel the lies
the wrathful oceans of chaos unfold the blackened wings of the dragon..

behold the burning emerald eyes of the regent of fire
to bear the acosmic light of the flame and of the void
reveal to me the key to the abyss, let the son come and dissolve everything

shattered are the cosmic vessles to deliver the fruits of daath..

empower my flame with the hellfire required to tear this world asunder
for the rebirth.. the rebirth
arise the spirit of the black flame
from the hellish depths within, the center of darkness in descent...

execute this world, in the name of a lie
spreading our wings/raising our horns with souls black as night
humans are the scourge of life..

erase the whole damned population, there is no hope for mankind...
empty the cosmos of all fucking light

behold the burning emerald eyes of the regent of fire
to bear the acosmic light of the flame and of the void
reveal to me the key to the abyss... let the blackened sun come and dissolve everything..

empty the cosmos of all fucking light....
Track Name: Eye of Algol
by Azmodae